Who are Water Health Tech

Water Health Tech offers 30 years of experience in purer water technology and consider ourselves the leaders in South Africa.

Below are the Services we offer

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Reverse Osmosis portable water purifier

The only true portable water purifier available. This fantastic little unit is so portable that it fits into a briefcase. Many use it in their homes as well as on holiday. The units have a special clip-on adaptor that will connect to any tap. The pure water is provided on tap from a 25 litre plastic container.

Reverse Osmosis under counter water purifier

This top of the range fully installed water purifier will compliment any home or office. A unique five stage Reverse Osmosis water purifier offers the latest technology to give you pure water on tap 24 hours a day with 8-12 litres of pure water, stored in a pressure vessel.

Water Softening

The ion exchange water softener is one of the most common tools of water treatment. its function is to remove scale forming calcium and magnesium ions from hard water. In many cases soluble iron (ferrous) can also be removed with softeners. A standard water softener has four major components: a resin tank, resin, a brine tank, and a valve or controller. However, water softening is disadvantageous when high quality water is required since sodium ions will be present after the ion exchange process.